I am a ceramic sculptor best known for my vessels, urns and figurative work. Many of these are quite large and part of outdoor sculpture installations. I am very influenced by ancient cultures and civilizations, and my work tends to have an archaeological feel to it, as if unearthed. My vessels often contain writing and hieroglyphics and my figurative sculptures are reminiscent of long lost icons and deities.


I believe my intrigue in this direction is due to my early life in Carthage, Tunisia. This is where I was born and spent all my summers growing up. The Roman and Phoenician ruins were out there in the open for us to contemplate everyday. There were often archaeologists digging and uncovering objects. This fascinated me.

I tend to build my sculptures intuitively with a very forgiving clay. I like to create texture and movement. My pieces always require multiple firings as I build the surface with multiple glazes.